Keep it simple….

could you live a simple life?
could you go without your tv, computers, phones, take away food, pre-packaged meals, convenience things like cars and busses……turn your tv off and try and have a conversation with your family… u find this difficult or feel like your missing out?? i did when i first didnt have tv working but now 7days in im thinking up ways of keeping busy and doing things… together….we went for a bike ride today….im goin to start cross stitch….im reducing tv usage when its back up an running to only a little a week and spending time with my husband…..oh and baking bread and cooking from scratch (which i do daily anyways) ……..could you do it?? why dont you try and reduce your tv use…..if not for the enviroment then look at it this way….you save allllot of money on your electric bills!!! im all about saving money!
on average we as a country watch around 35 hours per week of tv…….35 HOURS!!!  thats about the same as another full time job!!  when do we find the time to speak to one another….when do we get outside and look at our planet ….we need to cut this down allot….the children watching so much tv are being damaged and are incresingly becoming harder to socialise 😦
this is a pic of me and my husband in cornwall enjoying the beach in the rain haha
what would you do? and i challenge you to reduce your tv usage and go old school…..back to basics for a week 🙂
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