Save with Chickpeas…

do u buy hummus? sandwich spreads? or dips?  why dont u just buy lots of tins of chickpeas and then u have a steady supply of hummus and protein for curries and tagines……..less plastic too n u can store ur houmous in glass jars 🙂 we will be talking about the jars next so everything comes together nicely 🙂    i just throw a tin of drained chickpeas in a blender with some extra virgin olive oil, red jalapenos,garlic, salt and pepper and fresh parsley (or corriander/cilantro) and blend it up….spread on some wholewheat seeded bread with some grated carrot, cucumber and scallions and u have a healthy protein, folate, zinc and fibre packed lunch…..then u put the mixture into a glass jar and store in the fridge for about a week or two… tho it wont last that long 🙂  the other good thing about chickpeas in tins or cans is that there cheap and quick to make meals out of… wash out your can and recycle it 🙂


also chickpeas can turn magicly into falafel…….


ill admit it looks a bit dry here but i assure you it wasnt…..just throw some tzatziki together and put them together with some salad and some olives in a wholewheat pitta bread and your almost greek haha     i always keep lots of wholewheat pitta breads in the freezer i buy them in big packs from costco and u just take them out the freezer and wrap in damp parchment paper and bake in the oven till ready….. you can make mini pizzas with them too 🙂
ill post some pics and recipes of more chickpea goodies soon…..a morrocan tagine with couscous on the side sounds like it should be next 🙂


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