Save money while doing laundry….

hey …i recently purchased an amazing little product to help me save money on laundry powder…..we worked out that this little thing saves us £60 a year!!!!   What is this amazing little thing you speak of? i hear you say…….well its an “ecoegg” of course……


this is it….this is the little thing that has saved me sooo much money and saves waste too… comes in a box that you can recycle and comes with little balls that you pour into the egg and has a couple refill packs that you just pour in as you see fit….. they are hypoallergenic so there great if you have babies, kids or even adults with allergys or sensitive skin then this is the product for you… dont need to think about buying more washing powder in around a year (depending on how big your family is)  but 210 washes will do us a year and at £9.99 for the egg and £7.49 for the refill balls for another 210 washes theres not much to complain about……once you have the egg you never need to buy another one, just the refill balls…..and you will never have to buy the big bulky laundry powder boxes ever again… your life 🙂


This product is endorsed by kim woodburn, the queen of clean from such tv shows as “how clean is your house” and “im a celebrity get me out of here” this woman knows a thing or two about cleaning thats for sure!!

get your money saving hands on a ecoegg you wont be sorry……they have a range of eco friendly/money saving products to choose from…..they also have a stain remover which i will be testing and reviewing at a later date 🙂  

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