On yer bike…..!

Do you like everyone else grudge the amount we spend on fuel for your car?  i know we do…..luckily our car died a few months ago and we decided to wait and just use public transport to get around.  now that has its price too….and its not cheap!  we invested in bikes…..no not motor bikes were cooler than that…..we have bicycles….its the best purchase weve made in a while….its free to go shopping (i have a basket on mine to carry my groceries 🙂    its better for the enviroment and cheap to run too….as long as you take care of your bike it will be a good investment…..not to mention a fabulous all round workout…..as i write this my muscles are aching haha    Its not only us who have joined in the trend to ride bikes to be eco friendly and fit, lots of celebs are riding there bikes too…..look at all these people on bikes…then get one for yourself hahaha no excuses if you have kids just check out brad an angelina hahaha







so go on ……get yourself a bike, pack a lunch, get the kids into  there wagons and go outside…..theres a whole world outside lets go explore 🙂

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2 thoughts on “On yer bike…..!

  1. Bill

    Awesome pictures of people with bikes and famous people who are vegetarian. Love the one one the naked vegetarian whom you said the only meat that touches him is…

  2. haha thanks bill 🙂 sign up to email updates so you never miss a beat 🙂 x

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