some sexy veggie stars :)

these celebs are all proud vegetarians or vegans……just look at how there skin glows….who doesnt want that?!


this is the beautiful alicia silverstone, actress and author of the amazing book “the kind diet” shes a vegan as is her husband and baby 🙂


heres mr mike tyson……hes a big scary vegan…..and people say that vegans are apparently “malnourished” ……eat ur words meatheads hehehe 😛 


the lovely, funny and talented who is a proud vegan 🙂


this is the beautiful jenna tatum (channing tatums wifey) who is vegan and cooks for her husband….hopefully he gets a taste for veg an changes over to the veggie side haha


kristen bell….actress….amazing body…..she gets that body as reward for not eating animals 🙂


steve-o ………notorious for bein crazy but did you know hes a vegan… do now 🙂  the only meat that touches him are penises hahahahaha


kellie pickler and carrie underwood… music superstars and both beautiful humans inside an out 🙂


Who doesnt love to look at beautiful people doing good ……and i hope that it inspires people to to realise vegan is good 🙂






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