French Toast…….Vegan style

Good morning…..well its actually afternoon but its a Sunday so its ok to be lazy, theres a song about it by the Commodores lol    I woke up today with a hankering for some french toast (or eggy bread as my husband likes to call it)  but as we all know french toast is made with eggs and milk 😦    that will never do……so i had half a pack of tofu in the fridge left over from the “tofu and spinach cannelloni”  i made for todays dinner (recipe to come soon),  i decided to try makin some out of that…..i threw the tofu in a blender with lots of pepper an some salt and wizzed it up with some soy milk until it was of an egg like consistency……i poured the mixture into a shallow bowl and dipped my bread in (i used brown seeded bread, thats my fave)  and shallow fried it with some vegetable oil till browned all over…..easy peasy and tasted great 🙂

There’s allot of debate surrounding what you put on top of your french toast around the world …….but where i am (Scotland) we all tend to have KETCHUP with ours, either we dip it in or spread it on top 🙂    i know 1 person who put sugar on it and i was like what the heck are you doing your ruining it haha   Iv noticed from speaking to people all over the globe that most everyone outside Scotland eats it with sweetness on top…….so i figure were the weird ones in this whole story haha

But it sure does taste good with ketchup 🙂


all you need is :


your fave bread


soy milk

salt and pepper


*  Blend the tofu, soy and seasoning till runny like eggs……..dip the bread in the mixture and shallow fry……serve with ketchup 🙂



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