“sausage” and “egg” mcmuffin….

Ba da ba ba baa im lovin it!   i loooove breakfast muffins but there usually full of egg, cheese and some kinda meat patty and packed full of calories, cholesterol and fat…..its a heart attack waiting to happen, plus you end up with grease everywhere too…..not a good look in my opinion!!    Sooooo i decided a while ago that i would try it with veggie sausages (i used Linda McCartney sausages) but i couldn’t find a replacement for the egg part of the muffin…..so now iv discovered how amazingly versatile TOFU is and how much its like eggs but without the weird after taste and the eating of animals bits and bobs 🙂   i did my research before making it, as any good cook would do and discovered that everyone has there own way….i didn’t use any vegan cheese in this, as i haven’t found a good one in the UK yet (we need Daiya!)  but to be honest it doesn’t need it….i put some sunflower spread on it so it wasn’t too dry 🙂  



  • English muffins (1 per mouth) cut in two and lightly toasted (i used my health grill)
  • pack of firm tofu, drained and pat off as much moisture as you can
  • 1 vegan sausage per person
  • Turmeric
  • Cornflour with a little black pepper in it for dusting the tofu



  1. I use a health grill to cook my sausage so i cook the sausage till its browned all around and i slice it into 3 length ways and put them back on the grill.
  2. While the sausage is cooking its time to make your “egg” part….once your tofu is drained as much as you can you need to slice your block so you slice the biggest area into 1/4inch thick slices and give them a little pat dry but be very careful with them if there too damp they will fall to bits.  Now take a glass or round cookie cutter (i used a glass that’s the same size as my muffin) and press it through your tofu square so you have a circle….  now take each one and dip it in the cornflour and coat then dust off the excess…..sprinkle a little turmeric on top and rub Put your two halves of muffin on the grill to toast both sides lightly.
  3. Heat some vegetable oil in a frying pan or skillet and add your tofu….fry on both sides until both sides are golden and your done……unless you want to add vegan cheese do it while the tofu is in the pan so it melts the cheese a little.
  4. To assemble just add a little sunflower spread to each side of the muffin and stack a layer of sausage then tofu then top of the muffin….and eat 🙂   easy 🙂 






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