my birthday ….

hello everyone 🙂  sorry iv been away from the computer for ages cos iv been feeling sorry for myself lol  i have twisted cartilage in my jaw joint and only been aloud to eat soup and mooshy foods for weeks untill after i have the operation to fix it……but today im having a day off cos its MY BIRTHDAY 🙂   all my family came round and brought me a “cake” hehe  got lots of vegetables from my aunt and things to make thai red curry 🙂  and even some miso soup 🙂  now thats my kinda birthday gift hahaha   


i also got a lovely surprise from my husband who is currently deployed with the armed forces and i havnt been able to speak to him for months but today i got a card sayin how much he misses me and gorgeous flowers 🙂    


tonight ill be having some thai red curry with lots of veggies in it and noodles…..thats mooshy enough..right? hehe  ill just have to take some painkillers later on since my jaw will be sore lol  oh well nothing could upset me today 🙂  


what more do we need….love…family and fruit an veg……in my eyes thats all we need in life …..ill celebrate my birthday agen when my love comes back and go out for some japanese 🙂 


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