veggie supreme ….

hey peeps i hope your all well 🙂  iv been a busy bee recently an not even had time to cook properly iv been throwing “chicken noodle soup” together for dinner and lunch or even some noodles lol  anyways this is a very yummy recipe that even meat eaters enjoy and very easy too 🙂  the story behind this recipe is my gran used to always make a variation of this dish (but with chicken) but i didnt like it but liked the idea of it….and so it began….my experimenting to make it for it doesnt make me sick as im lactose intolerant and allergic to meat lol  soooo here goes…i hope you all love it as much as my little family likes it 🙂   i use a large wok for this dish i love woks there so versatile 🙂 




1 onion chopped

2 garlic cloves

tin of sweetcorn, drained

1 chopped red bell pepper

two good handful’s of sliced mushrooms 

cup of white wine

cup of vegetable stock mixed with hot water

1/2 cup of soya cream…..i use alpro single cream

handfull of parsley chopped

salt and pepper




  1.  fry your onions, peppers and mushrooms in a drizzle of veg oil till there soft then add the garlic till fragrant then add the sweetcorn.
  2.  add the wine and bubble lightly for about 3-4 mins to let the alcohol bubble off and add your stock and cook on a slow simmer adding your pepper and salt……for around 10 mins
  3.   now add your cream and parsley and simmer for 5mins stirring until combined.
  4.   serve with some wholewheat rice in a deep bowl with lots of supreme on top and mix through.
  5.   step 5 is to enjoy every mouthful 🙂  and this can be served to kids as the alcohol in the wine cooks off……if you cant have wine in your diet at all then just double your stock……another tip is to add a little dash of water whenever you think the sauce is too thick during cooking 🙂


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