Autumn Rigatoni

  HELLO everyone hope your all well…..This is a dish that is best served at Halloween time as its got a nice autumn feel to it and it will warm your tummy… always talking about warming your tummy but i really do like a cozy tummy when its cold outside 🙂  i also add a red chilli and slice it into two and roast with your veg and when its ready just chop them up and sprinkle ontop to bump up the heat… its a very flexible recipe that’s why i love it so much….i made this for my husband and my best friend who both claim they hate pumpkin but they looooved it 🙂  if you dont have any butternut squash or sweet potato then use pumpkin,  tonight for this photo i used pumpkin because thats what i had in the freezer and its a lazy sunday haha 

1/2 butternut squash, cut into chunks about 2inch squared (or half a large pumpkin in place of both the squash and potato)

1/2 large sweet potato or whole small one, chunks same size as squash

2 red onion cut into wedges

2 garlic cloves, whole in skin

1 hot red chilli sliced length ways in half 

2tbs extra virgin olive oil

6oz wholewheat rigatoni or penne  

handfull or 2 of freshly grated vegan parmasan style cheese

** preheat oven to gas 6- 200′- fan 180′ **

1. throw all the veg into a large roasting tin and toss in evoo until glistening and roast for about 30mins, or until golden and caramelized and cooked through.

2. near the end of the veg cooking time cook the pasta in boiling salted water until al dente and reserve a tbs of the pasta cooking water and drain the rest.
once the veg is cooked through throw all the pasta in the roasting tin with some of the cheese and a tbs of pasta cooking water….squish the garlic out of its skin and chop, add into the pasta and veg and toss through.
give a little toss and serve in a large warm serving bowl, chop your chillis and sprinkle ontop, add a little more cheese and dig in !!



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