Recycling a broken Christmas tree

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way…..this was the song i was singing when i went to get the Christmas tree down from the loft….i was all jolly and festive till i put it all up and it fell over, it had a broken leg so instead of waiting till next Christmas for my husband to get round to fixing it i decided its nothing a pair of pliers, some garden wire and a creative mind couldn’t fix!!  so i decided to take my not very eco friendly plastic tree (which we’ve had for about 5years) and give it a new life, so i got my festive thinking hat on and had an idea….i will make a wreath, the most festive of all wreaths in all the land (i say with an air of gone with the wind drama lol) and so i set to it, armed with my christmas tree ornaments, some bells and some hope and made my wreaths……i started off by cutting the branches off at the “trunk” and setting them aside (this is a job for muscles lol) then making a circle with them and tying them tightly with wire to hold them together making sure you leave it quite bushy then quite simply stick some wire through the holes on the baubles and attach them to the wreath…..and make it look pretty and tie a festive ribbon around the top and hang… a little adjusting and your finished 🙂  you can use anything at all and even add dried fruit and cinnamon sticks and berries too 🙂   


that was the first one i made……then i got confident and decided to recycle an old hula hoop and make that into a big massive wreath and i had massive pine cones so i put them on too.


then i made a little wreath because i had lots of tiny baubles….all i did was thread lots of tiny baubles onto wire and secure into a circle…..add string or beads or ribbon and your finished 🙂  


there you have it …..thats my family of wreaths 🙂  we need to waste less because everyone throws money down the drain theres always a new life in anything  😦   plus its not eco friendly at all



     I made a decision a while ago that i didn’t believe in real trees being cut down just to have a nice smell in your home….i think that if you have a plastic tree that you’ve had for years and look after it and don’t just throw it away to get a better one then that’s good obviously the best bet is not to buy a plastic tree at all, or a real one and just decorate a tree in your garden…old trees are great to do creative crafts like these ones, wreaths like that would set you back allot of money and i have the pleasure of having the knowledge that i made them myself and there one of a kind 🙂   the idea of Christmas in its self is such a wasteful time of year where we give gifts that the receivers didn’t want and have to pretend they love them only to store them away and never look at them again…the turkey as well….everyone thinks we must have turkey on Christmas along with sausages wrapped in bacon, pork stuffing, roast beef and ham….now there’s no need for all that meat at one meal unless you want a heart attack for Christmas  you may be reading this and nodding in agreement but most people think “don’t be ridiculous”  but the festive period is doused in fat and sugar and high cholesterol foods… think of all the waste!! all the paper we use to cover gifts only to be ripped off and binned or if your good, recycled…..then there’s the real Christmas tree….we cut down a lovely tree that’s grown and thrived in the forest to put in our home and watch it die….hoover up its needles and then chuck it outside when were done with it to rot…..i don’t get why we have to be so wasteful and rash… year i wont be sending cards, i will be donating to charity…..i will be wrapping presents in recycled paper or just putting money in the little ones savings account and giving a little present as a token of something they need……not a toy cos kids these days don’t need those….get your kids to make cookies or candy for family members….get the kids to make decorations….sew things ….make things and have family creative time…..i know no one has time these days but Christmas comes once a year without doubt, we need to be more prepared so that next year its stress free….start early 🙂 


This doesn’t make you cheap or not love anyone as much as the gift buyers its just kinder to the world we live in and kinder to our self’s as there’s less stress……..maybe instead of secret Santa we should all make our secret Santa person a tree ornament…..they keep that forever and its from the heart….not an after thought or panic buy that they wont use.


now im going to bed to read my book 🙂  see you all soon xxx

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