My Secret Weapon!!

hello everyone ūüôā how are we all? i hope your well and keeping your new years resolutions….what kind of resolutions are you hoping to try this year? it will probably be stopping smoking, eating better or being more active, whatever it may be it almost always has something to do with your health… my opinion you cant get a better resolution than caring for your body and being healthy ūüôā so where do you start when you want to lose weight and feel clean and healthy inside? well i shall tell you, all you have to do is look at what you eat on a daily basis and change little things and you’ll see the weight just drop off….i promise. So long as you don’t stick yourself on a crazy fad diet or consume silly diet pills claiming to make you lose weight without trying then you will lose weight the healthy way, you can lose it without really trying just by staying on a healthy diet and feeding your body clean good food full of vitamins…….easy peasy! My “diet” is very healthy, i mean don’t get me wrong ill have a sandwich with a packet of crisps on it from time to time but i don’t have it every day and if i do have a crisp sandwich(which i had today lol) then ill make a big pot of vegetable soup for dinner…..lots of vegetables ūüôā you don’t have to beat yourself up for “failing” to not eat anything or for eating carbs but i stay on a healthy balanced diet…ill give you an example of my daily diet to give you an idea….i don’t have sugar in my diet daily and only ever drink water, mainly because its my¬†favorite! ¬† Also keeping low calorie clean snacks around you all the time helps you if you have a craving, ¬†my absolute must have is NAKD bars and raisins, i’m currently making a stockpile of them for my holiday to mexico next month as i will need snacks out there and just because i’m on vacation¬†doesn’t¬†mean i have to eat junk, it makes me want to eat even better so my body has an easier time adjusting to the climate…..i will be¬†purchasing a celebration box or two before i go! you can also get them here at only ¬£11.70 for 18 different clean healthy snacks, you¬†actually¬†cant beat it!!! ¬†if your a chocolate lover then¬†you’ll¬†love the cocoa based ones,¬†in fact¬†i don’t like chocolate and never been¬†interested¬†in chocolate (even as a kid) but i loooove the cocoa bars….cocoa orange and the cocoa delight mmmm yummy!!¬†my fave has to be banana bread and my little nephews favorite is the berry delight ūüôā ¬†hes 2 and already has a taste for good food ūüôā ¬†i’m dying to try the rhubarb and custard ones but i¬†haven’t¬†found them in my local supermarkets but ill be ordering some super soon!! ¬†ill tell you more on them later ūüôā

check out the vegan food pyramid, i found this online and shows you simply how to eat healthy and make sure you get all the nutrients and vitamins you need! 



Breakfast: 2 small slices of wholegrain seeded bread with some pure spread and a piece of fruit, i sometimes spread a banana on-top of my toast mmm yummy, i have a hot water with lemon and a big glass of water.

AM snack: nakd bar, i am in loooove with these little bars of goodness ill tell you all about them in a second, you don’t want to miss it!!

Lunch: baked potato with my home made coleslaw and salad or grilled Mediterranean vegetables and a big glass of water. or ill have some vegetable soup.

PM snack: maybe another nakd bar or some nakd raisins that are infused with cola or lime flavor there totally amazing!!

Dinner: dinner time is my¬†favorite¬†because i get to make yummy meals and serve them up to my husband and family and watch them enjoy ūüôā we¬†usually¬†have pasta or rice (lots of recipes on here with ideas of what we have) we always have wholewheat pasta, rice and noodles as they keep you fuller for longer. the trick to losing weight is to understand portion control and not eat processed meals, so no micro meals !! a portion of pasta for one person is about a cup of cooked pasta so bulk up pasta and rice dishes with lots of vegetables so keep your veg chunky. ¬†check out this handy little tool to see the serving sizes of food, its such a good little tool you should favourite it ūüôā ¬†¬†

Supper: not everyone has “supper” but when i was little my granny used to send me to bed with some water and an orange…now if i get hungry after dinner or if we watch a movie and i want to munch on a snack i turn to the trusty wholewheat rice cake with some Marmite spread¬†on-top, it satisfies the salty and crunchy cravings ūüôā

Drinks: i drink water all day long….an abundance of water¬†actually¬†haha iv got to the point i don’t bother with a glass i just have a big jug haha if i’m honest with you (which i always am) i will tell you that it makes you need to pee all the time but it keeps your skin glowing (i still get asked for ID for glue and such likes lol) and it also keeps the bowels moist, when people suffer from constipation they are given laxatives, which i¬†realized¬†actually just increase the moisture in your bowel to keep you moving but if you just drink lots and lots of water (if you want to drink more than 8 glasses a day then go for it) it depends on your level of activity but listen to your body and if its thirsty have some water, if you think your hungry then have some water and see if its just thirst ūüôā


Onto the amazing amazing product iv been eating for years….its the perfect little snack to keep in your bag all the time, i keep one on me at all times as when i’m hungry i get very snappy and cranky which¬†isn’t¬†fun for anyone and after a NAKD bar i feel normal again….the key to being healthy is to snack healthy and to eat clean foods…..if your a junk food person who likes to chew candy all day you need to try NAKD bars… ¬†


quote from NAKD: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†“NńĀkd bars and snacks are a great way to eat nutritious, healthy food without compromising on taste! Our snack bars are made from yummy natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts which are smooshed together for you into a handy bar. Wheat and dairy free, with no added sugars or hidden extras. Get NńĀkd today!



All this for ¬£11.70… delivery…..yes please ūüôā

check out there website…they also do free¬†UK¬†delivery which is amazing in itself never mind all the discounts and¬†variety¬†they have there……they sure do know what there doing that’s for sure!!! ¬†


As i already said im going to visit mexico next month and ill be packing lots of snacks and supplies just¬†in-case¬†…ill be packing NAKD bars, instant organic vegan oatmeal (you just add water and¬†there’s¬†no dairy in it), nuts and seeds and obviously marmite haha im supposed to be getting a vegan meal on the flight but that is yet to be seen as iv heard of allot of vegans not getting there promised meal and going hungry or being given a few packets of nuts!! hopefully this wont happen but ill be doing a blog on travel soon and what to pack ūüôā ¬†see you soon and i hope you enjoy this blog, ¬†and i promise you wont regret switching from horrible candy bars to lovely NAKD bars!! ¬†


love love xoxox 




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