Vegetable and lentil broth

Hey you guuys 🙂 so your looking for a healthy dinner or lunch? Well you came to the right place… all about health and well being 🙂  this is a soup that my gran used to make and that her mum made an her mum made too….everyone has this soup in my family, though they blend or cook it with ham or chicken in it which isnt so good at all 😦  i think this version is the same if not a million times better and also super healthy too….we had it for dinner tonight and kept it very chunky as i dont like blended soup much i prefer to eat my soup not drink it 🙂  dont get me wrong sometimes i like blended soup but if i have lots of veg i like to make it into a meal 🙂   my granny makes soup allot and her soups are lovely but i do like a chunky soup… gran makes a lovely broccoli soup and a curried cauliflower soup which ill get up one day but this one is perfect for now 🙂   great for a health kick and great for your tummy too full of yummy veg that keeps your bowels full of fibre…..before i go onto the recipe, if you simply MUST have bread with your soup and you usualy have 2 or more slices then cut that out…stop it! Lol …if you must have bread have a slice of wholemeal seeded bread with some pure spread or other vegan spread you like….i dont have bread with this soup because it doesnt need it it has everything in it already to keep you full……note to self…say no to the bread if your having a chunky soup with potatoes and lentils in it hehe

4 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
3 medium leeks, chopped into circles
3 ribs of celery, chopped
1 or 2 maris piper potatoes cubed, leave skin on
1cup red split lentils
1pint vegetable stock, vegan boullion melted in boiled water
Water to cover the vegetables and more to add as they cook to keep it soup and not moosh 🙂


    1.   Throw all your veg and lentils into a large pot and add everything else to the pot…the water is just added to make it brothy.   Boil until your veg is soft and cooked through and taste….if it needs more stock then add a spoonfull of veg boullion into the pot and leave for 10 mins stirring all the time so the stock dissolves……add in a little salt and as much cracked black pepper as you like…..we are a pepper pot household we looove our pepper and add allot of it so it burns our lips hahaha its sooo good tho…..


This recipe is soooo simple and so yummy and you know its healthy too….

***TIP FOR PARENTS:    hey mummys and daddys….if your wondering if your babies and kids can have this soup of course they can but remember to buy low sodium stock, you can get that from the baby food area of the supermarket ….dont add salt or pepper and if its for a little baby then blend if its for a slightly older baby who likes some lumps then mash it with a potato masher 🙂

***TIP…FREEZING:  this freezes really well so just pop it in a dish and freeze either in a big batch or indevidual portions…if its for the little ones then in little pots for them 🙂 remember to lable them and date them but they should keep for a good while 🙂

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