Make up remover….

HI everyone 🙂   

      i thought i would post this recipe for make up remover since everyone is asking me for the recipe i thought i would share it with the whole world 🙂   i hope everyone likes it as much as i do because now im a convert, its all i need.  No more cleanser, toner and moisturizer rigmarole, its all you need, well this with some cotton wool and a facecloth.  

  Since i am 27 and get asked for ID just about everywhere i go for anything from glue to wine i thought i would share my daily beauty regimen 🙂  

   Well for starters i eat a very healthy diet and drink loads of water along with walking everywhere and keeping fit so all those things are the key to great skin and that’s a fact, but we also need to clean our faces and make sure all the pollution and make up are off before bed and to give a wash in the morning to wake you up 🙂  Then your on to the dilemma of every girl (or guy) of “what will i use to clean my face”, with all these adverts claiming it will make you younger, tighten your skin and moisturize…..then you start picking up on crazy long words and we think “oh there’s some fancy words that must be good” then go and buy it without having a clue what it is….it could be anything but if it looks pretty, smells pretty and companies and celebrities tell us its good then we follow on like sheep and get it….making our wallets allot lighter too and does anyone notice a difference? No….want to know why?  because good skin comes from the inside and what you feed your body……Now if we strip back to basics we can save a fortune and make our skin pretty too 🙂  

These are the 3 things i use on a daily basis:

  • Home-made makeup remover
  • Hot body scrub*
  • Organic vegan mascara

* Hot body scrub is something i learned from Alicia Silverstone, in her “the kind diet” book which is an truly amazing book.  This scrub is cheap, easy and refreshes your whole body keeping your skin all over your body glowing because:

  •  Increases circulation
  •  helps the fat trapped under your skin to loosen up and dissolve
  •  opens pores to release toxins 
  •  helps with circulating lymph fluid

for the scrub is go to the bathroom (lock the door lol) strip butt naked and fill the wash hand basin with some hot hot water so you can just put your hand in, dip your face cloth in and squeeze the excess water out and while its still hot rub your face silly, remembering to keep topping up the hotness of the cloth by dipping in the water and wringing out, then work your way down your body doing the same action of scrubbing missing out your breasts and down below (scrub all over your groin to stimulate your lymph nodes there but missing out the actual organs)  keep scrubbing down to your toes thinking happy thoughts the whole time 🙂  i think you should at least try this for at least a month either in the morning or both morning and night and you will feel the difference.


Make-up Remover:

all you need is a little glass jar or bottle (if you have little empty travel bottles you get to put your shampoo in when traveling use them) ….3 tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil….3 tbsp witch hazel…..3 tbsp fresh water …….add them all to your bottle and your done….to use, shake the bottle well to combine and you can either rub it onto your face with your hands and wipe off with cotton wool or put onto some cotton wool and wipe over face, whatever you prefer.  Then after that i do the hot body scrub….i only do it fully in the morning but at night i do my face the hot scrub way then go to bed….no need for moisturizer (and i usually have to use lashings of very thick moisturizer to keep my skin moist… i just do these 2 steps then stick on some mascara, pinch my cheeks (like Scarlet O’Hara does in gone with the wind lol) and im ready for the world 🙂


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