buona giornata di tutti 🙂  i bring this “recipe” today as a little window into my childhood and the childhood of any family connected to italy in any way….i put recipe in quotation marks because its not really a recipe at all just a little bit of history into a total winner of a dish,  all the kids in my family LOVE pastina and its been a massive part of our diet growing up……i didn’t realize it was such a prevalent dish in the history of italian cuisine……..first off pastina translates as “little pasta” and they’re not kidding, its so tiny and cute, you get all different shapes for example hoops, tiny stars, alphabet, shells and bow ties the list is long lol   its great in use in soups as well as just cooking it and serving it with some butter and pepper,  Pastina is made differently by each family and everyone has there own take on it for example adding meat or eggs and cheese but the way my family serve pastina is my favourite, it conjures up memories of my granny or my auntie making a pot of it while we were all moaning about being “starving” haha they would sit us round the table with a bowl each and a little drizzle of milk to cool it down and we would all tuck in to a big plate of bread and butter cut into soldiers (fingers) to dip in the broth,  everyone loves this soup, not only is it great to start babies out on pasta but its great for adults, kids and anyone whos feeling a little under the weather…..the same way as chicken noodle soup is a staple in millions of peoples homes for sickness, its great because you are getting fluids and some calories so you magically get better haha 

   I really have faith that if your kids like pasta they will love this ……in a pinch if you really cant find any pastina then just get a few strands of spaghetti and break it up into tiny tiny bits…..problem solved lol




vegetable bouillon or homemade vegetable stock

1/2 cup pastina shapes

3 cups boiling water

pinch ground black pepper and a pinch salt



  1.  pop everything in a pot and cook till pasta is cooked through about 6-8mins depending on the shape, taste stock and add more pepper or salt or even add a little more boullion if it needs it….you can add as much water or pasta as you like its up to you how brothy you like it or if you want more pasta 🙂    serve with some bread and butter soldiers and if there are kids eating it then pop a little plant milk in it to cool it 🙂  


I hope you make this a family favourite to pass down the generations like the italians do 🙂  


                                buon appetito  xoxo

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