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Hummus and veggie toastie

Hello world 🙂 its been a while since I posted any recipes bit iv had a million things going on at home with things breaking, one of those things that broke was my laptop where I find it easier to type on the laptop than my touchscreen phone lol but im doing it just for you beautiful people 🙂   the weather has been just glorious in scotland right now,  well it has been sunny this past couple weeks but today its clouding over…..typical but I have been doing some summer cookin so iv been busy in the kitchen so now ill get busy writing recipes for you guys now its cloudy haha

This is an awesome lunch for anyone who likes a toastie….and even if you dont like toasties, youll like this since its just totally amazing and yummy in hits the spot….its also healthy too as I dont use oil so much anymore in my hummus and its still great…..I also dont usually put garlic in it now either as it can be too strong and my mum hates garlic…..I must admit that iv never had shop bought hummus in my life it just looks so depressing like if it had a face it would be a sad one hahaha anyway haha… this toastie satisfies your hunger its healthy and if you think back to what used to be “the norm” on toasties it was all things like cheese an ham on white bread an all your getting out of that is a big fat belly and thats it, theres no nutritional goodness in a cheese an ham toastie its all fat, processed meat an empty calories… if your not vegan your probably thinkin well theres calcium in cheese and you would be right but the poor innocent calcium in cheese is covered in saturated fats which cause heart problems….switch to a hummus toastie on wholewheat seeded bread with fresh hummus and grilled peppers an spring onions you have lots of vitamins and minerals just in chickpeas alone never mind the extra veg and the seeds in the bread….its protein packed awesomeness….but if your thinkin about the calcium side of things think about this…..

100g of whole milk = 118mg  calcium

Compared to:

100g chickpeas = 150mg calcium

Really gets you thinkin about the healthier ways to eat and still enjoy food 🙂 


1 can organic chickpeas in water, drained and rinsed reserving a little of the water from the can.

A few jalapeños to taste, (jarred sliced kind in vinegar or water) I like it spicy so I put like 5 to 7 in lol

3 or 4 sun dried tomatoes (kind in oil but drain them so there not dripping but its ok to have a little oil)

Salt and black pepper

Red or yellow pepper deseeded and sliced (grilled either on griddle pan or health grill for the charred marks)

Courgette sliced in thin ribbons and grilled with the peppers

Spring onion (scallions) thin sliced

2 wholewheat seeded bread per person


1.  First heat your grill and prepare the raw veg put a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil into your palm (a drop of oil) and rub hands together then massage the veg, this coats the veg without adding loads of oil…then place on grill for 5 mins or until the veg is marked with those lovely stripes of char 🙂 

2.   While veg is grilling, throw your chickpeas, sun dried tomatos and jalapeños into a food processor, add a pinch of salt and pepper, a drizzle of chickpea water an whizz, stopping and making sure everything is bein mixed, you dont want it smooth you want it a little chunky an good texture……taste an if u want it more spicy add more jalapeños or if it needs another tomato then go for it….its as simple as that!

3.  Now to assemble the toastie,  take a slice of your bread and spread a good coating of hummus ontop, then sprinkle the spring onions ontop then the grilled veg, add a little salt and pepper and stick the lid on, in other words put the other bit of bread ontop…put it in your health grill and close….in a few mins once its all nice n toasted with the nice stripy design on the bread its ready to be cut into triangles and served with a salad 🙂   simple, healthy and all made in under 10mins!! 🙂 

Note:  you can spread some margerine thinly on the outside of the bread so it toastes more golden but you dont need to….

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