About me

hey 🙂

let me introduce myself,  im a happy vegan housewife who loves to cook and discover new ways of saving money which coincidentally saves the planet too….bonus……now you dont have to be a vegan to follow this blog….iv not always been this way……i had dinner at a well known chicken resterant (rhymes with landos hahaha) and got ecoli which in turn lead to me discovering i had an allergy to meat, i was on so many pills for all sorts just so i could continue to eat meat…..i dont know about you but i think that if u have to take pills to eat somthing then ur goin against your body in what its telling you…..my body was screaming JUST GIVE IT UP, so i did and then realised i could come off allllll my meds and now im living a life with no morphine woop woop…..then i went onto giving up dairy which is hard for me even though when i eat the stuff im sick…..now i only eat what my body wants to eat to keep it working and happy and so im not ill all the time and spaced out on painkillers …….thats only fun for so long hahaha just kidding 😛

so i hope you join me on my quest to save money and eat better and in turn help the planet 🙂   we only have one body and one world why not strive to help make it better….

i know it seems like what u do wont make a difference to the bigger picture but i assure you that if you improve your lifestyle and recycle and reduce waste you will feel more relaxed….you have no idea how much guilt is built up in out minds without us knowing 🙂


take care and be kind

natalie love xx


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Bill

    Awesome! I think it would be hard for me to be vegan. As a vegan can one drink beer or wine?

    • Its not that hard when you know the facts….i drink wine and beer that is vegan which is most really….you cant have cream based drinks but there horrible and bad for u anyways so who cares haha you should try it for a couple weeks an see how you like it 🙂 just make sure u get all your fruits an veg and beans an grains in the day 🙂

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