Roasted Veggie Ragu

happy Friday everyone….well tecnically im still up from Thursday haha but iv just had a lovely night with my best friend who was another year older yesterday so i decided it would be nice to have a girly night of rubbish TV and good food… i made something that is the most tasty pasta dish in my opinion….i probably say that about all my pasta recipes but this one truly is AMAZING….its so easy to make all you do is chop all the veg and roast it then pop it in a food processor then throw in a pot with tomatoes and bubble while you cook the pasta 🙂  easy peasy lemon squeezy haha   Anyways, i cant remember how i came to make this recipe at first but ill never forget how yummy it is 🙂  i really hope you enjoy it 🙂  the chunkiness or smoothness is completely up to you but always use the blender as it really meshes the flavors together perfectly 🙂  this can be used as pasta sauce or a sauce to dip garlic ciabatta in, or anything you like really 🙂  enjoy and have a good weekend….xxx


½ aubergine sliced into ½ inch thickness
1 sliced red bell pepper & 1 sliced yellow bell pepper
Small courgette sliced into ½ inch thickness
Whole garlic bulb (as it is, not peeled)
1 red onion cut into wedges
4-5 shallots peeled and halved
Rosemary sprig
2tbs extra virgin olive oil
1tsp lemon juice
Pinch of sugar
2x tin chopped tomato’s
Salt and pepper
Cup of vegetable stock
1tbs tomato puree
1tbs dry flat leaf parsley
4 drops of Tabasco

1. Combine your veg in a roasting tin and drizzle with your oil and toss until glistening all over,  throw on your rosemary sprig whole……now chop the top stem off your bulb to reveal the tops of the cloves, drizzle extra virgin and salt and pepper and  roast in the oven for around 30 minutes toss your veg halfway through cooking time to ensure even browning.  check on your garlic and make sure it doesn’t burn and you want to take the bulb out to cook before the veg are finished cooking to let cool.

2. When your veg is ready remove and discard your rosemary sprig, allow your veg to cool slightly, take your garlic bulb and squeeze until the roasted cloves come out (discard the skin) throw everything in a food processor and pulse until at a thick paste consistency either smoother to hide veg from kids or chunky if you like it that way.

3. Once blended pour into a big pot and add your tomato’s , tomato puree, stock, Tabasco, lemon juice, sugar and salt and pepper…… allow to bubble away for an half hour to an hour until the sauce is nice and thick.

4. Serve this sauce with some pasta……. This sauce is good for freezing too, just freeze in portions and defrost fully when you need it 🙂




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2 thoughts on “Roasted Veggie Ragu

  1. Christina Richardson

    Think il be trying this out…as a fellow pasta lover…this looks food heaven 🙂

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